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Unleashing potential, for the future.

At Redvespa, we’re looking ahead to a future of making change happen, unleashing potential, and enriching lives, businesses, and the environment.

We aim to inspire future leaders to find and unleash their potential.

We’re thrilled to be part of the Festival for the Future community. A community of impact-driven innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs, engaging in conversations that matter and helping unleash the potential to transform our world for the better.

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Here is a tip, hint, or hack for unleashing potential.

Unleashing potential through logic

“Ask people to remove themselves from the situation; look at it from above. Get them to step back and remove emotion, think logically. What advice would you give a friend in the same situation?” - Sarah

Unleashing potential in relationships

“Build rapport by taking people on the journey; ask them lots of questions, you get lots of nuggets from that. Even coffee catch ups, sometimes that’s where you get all the work done because that’s where people are the most relaxed.” - Raka

Unleashing potential in a slump

“If you’re feeling a little flat about your productivity at the moment, a) remind yourself this flat period might propel you into some great work; b) connect with why you’re doing the project in the first place, who could it be meaningful for.” - Jamie G

Our future needs more heroes, unleash your potential.

We think everyone has a superpower. Sometimes they don't know they have it. Often they don't know how, or where, or when, to use it.

Here, we've picked four superpowers for you to choose from, and we've given you the option to use your power today, tomorrow, or for evil.

The choice is yours.

These superpowers come out of our 2022 Imagination in Business survey where we explored the potential of imagination through New Zealand's business leaders. The survey included a series of questions focused on the skills which are, or should be, most important to business today, and those which will be most important over the next decade.

The conclusion of your superpower story is based on the findings of that research.

Select a superpower and how you will use it...


Superheroes are often depicted as brooding, lonely types but, when faced with challenges unlike any other, they find strength in numbers. Teamwork is a superpower in its own right. It centres on knowing your own strengths, and knowing when the strengths of others can lift you when you are weak.

How will you use it?


Imagination is the superpower inherent in every kid that, somehow, seems to wither in the face of its own kryptonite: adulthood. We’re here to say, hold tight. Imagination is a superpower to rule them all, unleashing creative and innovative potential in every setting, no matter the universe.

How will you use it?


In the wondrous world of superheroes, communication is a superpower which is often at play, but overshadowed by super strength or the power of flight. For us mere mortals, you don’t need a lasso of truth: communication is a superpower we can harness and bring to the fore in addressing the challenges and opportunities in our universe.

How will you use it?


We all exist in an intertwined web of connections, seeking to find a sense of belonging among an array of cultures. Being able to pull those strands together, being part of the culture and shaping it to create belonging for others, is the endgame; a superpower unlike any other.

How will you use it?

Unleashing potential
within our local communities.

As future thinkers, our communities matter.
We're proud to deliver positive impact initiatives for business,
community, youth, and the planet.

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