Imagination in Business.


Innovation is often what separates successful organisations from the pack.

Our Imagination in Business research sets the scene for the innovation landscape in New Zealand.

Innovation sits at the heart of the knowledge economy. It’s the goal of investment in Research and Development and a cornerstone of economic development.

In the nation of Number 8 wire mentality, an innovative culture is assumed.  In 2009, this assumption was validated by New Zealand being ranked 9th on the Global Innovation Index. Ten years later and we have slipped back to 25th place. Clearly, resting on a culture of innovation is no longer sustainable.

As a business, Redvespa has always been curious. This characteristic saw us undertake some research to ensure we kept pace with the business landscape, research which would allow us to keep developing our skills, that we could continue to work with others to unleash potential.

We didn’t want to just do any research, however. It had to resonate with our communities. It had to give context to the business environment in New Zealand. The starting point was creativity, but it felt too generic. It had been done before. There had to be something with more potential.

Something more imaginative.

Our research focused on a cluster
of related key concepts:

We dubbed these concepts the Innovation Pathway, recognising the role that each attribute plays in contributing to successful innovation.
This is the framework from which we began our investigation into how New Zealand businesses understand, use, and value imagination.


A strong desire or eagerness to know or learn something.


Forming new ideas, images, or concepts of things, objects, or processes that don't exist.


The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.


The introduction of a new idea, method, or device.

Why imagination

Redvespa is an innately curious business.

As a business, Redvespa has always been curious and we’ve always invested in people who share that sense of wonder. Internally, this has led to us adapting an Agile Way of Working that encourages curiosity while also ensuring we are strategic and built to deliver. But our curiosity doesn’t stop at the door and we’re constantly looking to learn more about our clients and the world they operate in.

We think everyone is imaginative but lots of us can’t see that. If we gave people the opportunity, a little time, and some encouragement, they’d see just how imaginative they could be. Then, we might find out just how imaginative New Zealand businesses could be.

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Imagination in Business 2022.

Earlier this year, we ran our Imagination in Business survey again, eager to see what had changed, and what had stayed the same, through a tumultuous three years.

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