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In the wondrous world of superheroes, communication and empathy are superpowers which are often at play, but overshadowed by super strength and the power of flight. For us mere mortals, you don’t need a lasso of truth: communication and empathy are superpowers we can harness and bring to the fore in addressing the challenges and opportunities in our universe.

You're going to use it...

In 1969, Mick Jagger wrote a letter to Andy Warhol, briefing him on the requirements for the Rolling Stones’ album cover the pop artist was to design. The letter gives Warhol vague instructions on the design requirements of the project but clear instructions on how to handle the record company executive who would likely drop by,

“He will probably look nervous and say ‘hurry up’ but take little notice.”

Opting to use your communication superpower for evil has already shown us you’ve got moves like Jagger, now you’ve got the chance to take his advice. Take your skills to the professional, scientific, and technical field and take little notice of those who say communication isn’t needed there.

This is a field that is looking for project managing, problem solvers with a creative bent. But you can’t manage a project without communication, there’s no point solving a problem if you can’t shout about it, and creativity will always go to waste without an outlet to the world.

Just look at Mick: an album project and a letter, a record exec and some advice, an artist and the cover of the Stones’ Sticky Fingers album.

Changed your mind?

Use it...

Use it...

The origins of your story

Using our imagination.

Our superpower stories are taken out of our 2022 Imagination in Business survey where we explored the potential of imagination through New Zealand's business leaders.

The survey included a series of questions focused on the skills people saw as being valued the most by their business today, those which should be valued most, and those which would be most important over the next decade. The conclusion of your superpower story on this page is based on the findings of that research.

In the story of using your superpower tomorrow, the scene is the industry where people told us that skill would be important over the next ten years. 

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