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We all exist in an intertwined web of connections, seeking to find a sense of belonging among an array of cultures. Being able to pull those strands together, being part of the culture and shaping it to create belonging for others, is the endgame; a superpower unlike any other.

You're going to use it...

Oh yeah, we’ve got a live one here. You’ve got an epic superpower: we’ve called it connection but it’s bigger than that. It’s culture. It’s belonging. It’s bigger than a  big green scientist who’ s unlikeable when grumpy.

It’s not just the scale of your superpower that’s got us excited, though. You’ve opted to use it for evil and we think that creates the potential for a very exciting future because the industry who don’t think they need it, probably need it most in the eyes of its stakeholders.

We’ve left you hanging like Hans Gruber long enough: the rental, hiring, and real estate industry has told us connection isn’t needed.

Now, we don’t take this superpower lightly. It’s close to our heart because we’ve always invested heavily in our culture. We’ve had tough conversations with clients when our culture was disconnected from theirs. We also know that media articles don’t always equal the reality of an entire industry. But we’ve all seen the column inches around rentals and real estate and, even if your culture is amazing, there must be a desire to be an industry leader. The star who shines through the haze.

Any flower can be a weed if it grows in the wrong place. We’re calling connection evil in the eyes of this industry, but the beauty of it is that you alone can plant it in entirely the right place.

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