Solve the problems holding your business back.

Realising opportunities in your business takes expertise. Our consultants do this every day for our clients across diverse industries. Let us bring more clarity to your business and help you deliver the results you need, the impact you want.

Types of problems we solve

Some consulting firms aim to be all things to all people. We don’t.
We stick to our knitting and we do that knitting bloody well.

"We're not getting the most value out of our internal Business Analysis team."
We'll identify capability gaps and recommend ways to address them.
We can provide Business Analysis resources to help you ramp up and down as required with the expertise you need.
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"Our business critical systems are no longer fit for purpose, and we’re not sure where to begin replacing them."
Whether technology, a process, organisational change, or a combination of all three, we'll ensure you're asking all the right questions, have considered all the impacts, and help you select the best solution. Then we deliver it.
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"Our organisation is evolving and we need to design a new way of working."
We’ll work with you to understand your current state and design your desired future state. We'll understand who is involved, their processes, and what systems they use. We’d seek to understand the impact of any changes before making recommendations.
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"Our organisation has evolved and our business processes are inefficient and manual."
We'll meet with key stakeholders to understand frustrations and pain points, identifying root causes and the business impact of them.
We'll identify themes and prioritise solutions to help you move forward.
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Don't take our word for it


"Across ten years and three organisations, Redvespa have always provided me with the right skills and team fit. They take the time to understand the business, and to get to know me and the teams I like to build."

Vanessa Nicholson, ePMO


"They work hard to understand your business, and then try and find the right solutions to solve your pain points."

Kirti Desai, (former) Head of Business Transformation, Paymark


"Big thanks to all the amazing Redvespa experts… we, literally, would not have been able to do this without you all! All your contributions have been so crucial."

Business Systems Specialist, Network Waitaki


"Redvespa didn't just provide a business analyst. They helped me think about the bigger picture and understand we're not alone. There's disruption in many industries, and Redvespa have seen it all."

John Morgan, CEO, Morgan Furniture


"As a client, they’ve always made me feel important. Frequent follow-ups. Every month I meet with Anna, to discuss the consultants and give a view of future work. They’re good at taking feedback."

Arun Thathanath, (former) BA Practice Lead

More reasons to work with us

We are NZ-owned and founded
We are vendor-agnostic
There are no surprises when you get the invoice
We leave things better than we found them
We unleash your people’s potential
When you get one of us, you get all of us

Who we are

A culture of care: for you, for our team, and for the New Zealand community.

We've been deliberate in creating a community of consultants and business leaders. We take pride in investing in and supporting our team, and giving back to the community - where it matters most. This culture of care comes through strongly in the work we do for our clients too - delivering the best results, with care at our core.

About Redvespa

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