My superpower is


Superheroes are often depicted as brooding, lonely types but, when faced with challenges unlike any other, they find strength in numbers. Teamwork is a superpower in its own right. It centres on knowing your own strengths, and knowing when the strengths of others can lift you when you are weak.

You're going to use it...

That’s what we like to see. Someone who doesn’t care about staying in the lines, someone prepared to splatter a little colour, get a little dirty. It’s fitting then that, using your teamwork superpower for evil, the best place for you to infiltrate is the arts and recreation industry. Time to splash that colour around and get everyone a little dirty.

How many artists have gone solo and been better than they were in the band?

Not many. If any.

For every Paul Simon - sorry Mr Garfunkel, and Harry Styles - sorry dudes with nice hairdos, there are countless singers who found fame with their band and then took off on the path to mediocrity.

The fact of the matter is this industry needs teamwork, they need you. They just don’t realise it. They think they need financial skills and a customer focus. Bah. Paint by numbers is for kids, shake before opening and build a team with imagination.

Having superpowers isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to use them to shake the world up. We love working in the arts and recreation industry because of the creativity, the community connections, and the buzz.

We know it’s an industry where skills from across the spectrum bring out the best, even if you have to be a little bad in breaking down the door.

Changed your mind?

Use it...

Use it...

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