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Superheroes are often depicted as brooding, lonely types but, when faced with challenges unlike any other, they find strength in numbers. Teamwork is a superpower in its own right. It centres on knowing your own strengths, and knowing when the strengths of others can lift you when you are weak.

You're going to use it...

It takes time to build an amazing team, so it makes sense to stockpile your superpower as the demand for it builds up before delivering it to the world.  

The good news, as you box up your skillset, is that the wholesale trade industry works the same way and they want your superpower skillset to drive them forward over the next decade. 

We get it, though, as far as universes to unleash your superpower in, wholesale trade might not sound the most daring or dynamic. But you’d be wrong, this is a world filled with possibilities for a master of teamwork like you. 

Navigate the warehouse floor, leading a fleet of forklifts. Take control of the team in the command centre, managing emerging tech and complex supply chains. Bring together a league of sales superstars. Across the industry, your superpower can be the key to unboxing success. 

As the world finds its feet after two years of disruption, wholesalers are looking ahead. Where they’ve simply had to keep up with demand, they can now start to explore the demands of their business. We’ve seen this firsthand, and we’ve seen how teamwork is starting to emerge as the in-demand superpower. 

So, take it easy, but not too easy … there’s a sector which impacts on the lives of all your fellow humans which is looking to you and your superpower to shape its future.

Changed your mind?

Use it...

Use it...

The origins of your story

Using our imagination.

Our superpower stories are taken out of our 2022 Imagination in Business survey where we explored the potential of imagination through New Zealand's business leaders.

The survey included a series of questions focused on the skills people saw as being valued the most by their business today, those which should be valued most, and those which would be most important over the next decade. The conclusion of your superpower story on this page is based on the findings of that research.

In the story of using your superpower tomorrow, the scene is the industry where people told us that skill would be important over the next ten years. 

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