We resource your projects with the best Business Analysts in the business. Our consultants deliver clarity, perspective, and impactful results to every project they work on. Our consultants have experience across a wide range of industries and are well versed in slotting into new and existing projects.

Many of our team have expertise in industry and regulatory compliance, risk assessment, and management. We also support our clients with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), systems implementation, systems review, and transformation. Whatever the project or business opportunity, our consultants have the expertise to realise your business objectives and strategic goals.

What we can deliver for you.

Project Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts work with you and your internal and external stakeholders and customers to define business needs, establish clear and coherent requirements, and guide the creation of a solution to ultimately meet those needs.

Process Mapping

Visually mapping the flow of your systems and processes to better understand the work from start to finish, and where there might be opportunities for improvement.

Design Sprint

A 5-day event that investigates a business challenge, creates ideas to solve it, and converges on a prototype to test to get early and comprehensive feedback from customers and end users.

Featured service

Service Design.

Service Design is the bridge between the customer and operations. We create maps that visually illustrate the experience of the service and its moving parts, which can then be used to build the components of the service. The maps may include what users see and feel and the logistics involved to make the service happen.

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Customer Journey Map

We use a workshop-based approach to quickly developing a customer journey map, for the purposes of highlighting pain points and areas for improvement, or services that need to be redesigned.

How we work with you.

We work with you to build a partnership from day one. Taking time to understand your challenges and aspirations, our future thinking consultants will support you to make bold decisions and deliver results.

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