My superpower is


We all exist in an intertwined web of connections, seeking to find a sense of belonging among an array of cultures. Being able to pull those strands together, being part of the culture and shaping it to create belonging for others, is the endgame; a superpower unlike any other.

You're going to use it...

Do you believe in love at first sight?

No. You don’t.

Because you’ve got a superpower for connection and you’re holding onto it to use tomorrow. Cupid’s arrow only glanced your arm.

There’s nothing wrong with letting your superpower run its course, though. Especially if you’re going to use it in the field of administrative and support services. That’s a term that pulls in a lot of businesses and roles - things like finance, information tech, procurement, and human resources.

Leaders in this field told us that connection is important to them over the next decade. Given the vital business areas covered under this industry, it’s worth listening to them. The benefit of this superpower isn’t simply to the industry, it’s to the business universe of Aotearoa New Zealand.

We’re part of that universe and spend as much time working on our own business as we do on those of our clients. In that sense, we’re our own radioactive spider - testing the dose, feeling the impact, and then bringing it to the table to help solve the problems businesses can’t solve on their own.

You’ve got a very special superpower here and it looks like that graze on your arm isn’t from an arrow, it’s from an arachnid. Take the time to see how it shapes your future, and then use your powers to shape the future of an industry, and an entire universe.

Changed your mind?

Use it...

Use it...

The origins of your story

Using our imagination.

Our superpower stories are taken out of our 2022 Imagination in Business survey where we explored the potential of imagination through New Zealand's business leaders.

The survey included a series of questions focused on the skills people saw as being valued the most by their business today, those which should be valued most, and those which would be most important over the next decade. The conclusion of your superpower story on this page is based on the findings of that research.

In the story of using your superpower tomorrow, the scene is the industry where people told us that skill would be important over the next ten years. 

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