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In the wondrous world of superheroes, communication and empathy are superpowers which are often at play, but overshadowed by super strength and the power of flight. For us mere mortals, you don’t need a lasso of truth: communication and empathy are superpowers we can harness and bring to the fore in addressing the challenges and opportunities in our universe.

You're going to use it...

We all know the feeling. You’ve ordered something online, let’s say it’s paper straws for a conference workshop, and you didn’t leave a whole lot of time for it to arrive before you needed it. So you sit online, refreshing the tracking website…

If you can appreciate that feeling of knowing it will arrive tomorrow, you’re well suited to using your communication power tomorrow in the field of postage, transport, and warehousing.

Leaders in this industry have told us that communication is a skill they need over the next decade. It makes sense after a busy couple of years, where they’ve been at the frontline of society’s COVID-impacted demands, that they’d be looking ahead to proactive communications.

The industry’s stakeholders are varied - suppliers, drivers, retailers, tradespeople, customers - as are their needs. Among all the superpowers which can help transform the way they work and engage over the next decade, communication is a web to pull together the future these businesses want to realise.

Oh, by the way, please sign up for our Festival for the Future workshop … the paper straws arrived.

Changed your mind?

Use it...

Use it...

The origins of your story

Using our imagination.

Our superpower stories are taken out of our 2022 Imagination in Business survey where we explored the potential of imagination through New Zealand's business leaders.

The survey included a series of questions focused on the skills people saw as being valued the most by their business today, those which should be valued most, and those which would be most important over the next decade. The conclusion of your superpower story on this page is based on the findings of that research.

In the story of using your superpower tomorrow, the scene is the industry where people told us that skill would be important over the next ten years. 

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