My superpower is


Imagination is the superpower inherent in every kid that, somehow, seems to wither in the face of its own kryptonite: adulthood. We’re here to say, hold tight. Imagination is a superpower to rule them all, unleashing creative and innovative potential in every setting, no matter the universe.

You're going to use it...

There’s nothing harder to stop than an imaginative supervillain. There’s one problem, though, the canon of superhero literature is filled with imaginative baddies who just plain sucked at achieving their plans. 

We don’t see that for you, though. You’ve got the chutzpah to take your imagination all the way to the top.

Fitting then, that the space where imagination is undervalued, disrespected even, is in government. Local, regional, departments, the beehive. All spaces where imagination is put in the corner. But, like Jennifer Grey, nobody puts you in the corner.

If you really want to break through with your imaginative superpower in government, go where those other villains failed, package it up with some of the skills they’re focused on over the next decade.

Bring a new approach to strategy, to defining purpose. Show how to build a team of cross-disciplinary masterminds from a base of imagination. You’ll be stealing the moon and riding laser sharks in no time at all.

Changed your mind?

Use it...

Use it...

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