A new take on consulting.

The year is 2003 and MySpace has just been launched, making Tom everyone’s friend. The age of supersonic passenger flight ends as the Concorde touches down for the final time, while Christmas will never be the same again as Love Actually hits cinemas.

Meanwhile, in a kitchen in suburban Wellington, Richard and Sarah Gibson hatch plans for a new business. Richard wants to shake up the consulting space, bringing fun and efficiency, while at the same time offering value for money and the experience their future clients will need. He wants to break down the ‘land and expand’ model, focusing on business analysis excellence to deliver results first and foremost.

When Richard watches a red vespa navigate The Terrace, he knows it’s the spirit vehicle for the business he’s envisioned.

This is Redvespa. This is business analysis.
From the outset, Redvespa has celebrated the craft of business analysis. This has seen us bring the International Institute of Business Analysis to New Zealand, and connect globally by bringing speakers to Aotearoa and having Sarah sit on IIBA’s international board. We continue to amplify the BA craft, shining a light on the value it brings to any project or business.
Alongside this, we hold firm to the values and vision which emerged from the Gibson Family kitchen. That combination of skill set and values means we:
Don’t peddle any particular software or solution, we work with clients to find the tool that’s right for them.
Won’t drop in, pull a project or a business apart, and then walk away.
Don’t charge huge sums without clients knowing what they’re getting - and knowing what they’re getting is practical and actionable.
And we're in business… for good.
We have an ongoing commitment to make change happen, to unleash potential and enrich people, business, and communities.
With our leadership in the business analysis space established, we looked to how we could have a broader impact, supporting our communities through investing in initiatives to help unleash potential across Aotearoa.
In 2017, we published Your Kingdom, a guide to wellbeing and potential aimed at New Zealand’s youth. This book has now been placed in the hands of thousands of young people, putting practical activities alongside insights from the likes of former-Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and singer-songwriter Mel Parsons.

Then, in July 2018, we became one of New Zealand’s first certified B Corps, further emphasising our desire to balance purpose and profit. Since that certification, we’ve been a vocal advocate for the B Corp movement, sharing our story widely to help guide other businesses on their journey.

This story was written from a kitchen table in an office in central Wellington - a location which honours our roots and signals we’re not done yet.
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