From business challenge, to collaborative solution.

How Wesfarmers upskilled their practice and introduced new ways of working through collaboration

Where they were

Wanting to develop the skills and expertise of their people

Wesfarmers is the company behind some of the biggest retail brands in Australasia. With a track record of working collaboratively with Redvespa, they came to us to discuss an approach to developing the skills of their people.

What it took

Working together to tailor a solution to their needs

In exploring Wesfarmers’ needs, we identified two separate, but complementary solutions. Principal Consultant, Ieuan Wickham, ran a one-day Agile Fundamentals workshop, upskilling participants on the fundamentals of Agile. Then, fellow Principal Consultant, Su Beresford, facilitated a three-day Design Sprint to give the Wesfarmers’ team hands-on, real-world experience with the Design Sprint process.

"Working with Redvespa is always very consultative, they like to understand what you're trying to achieve."

Head of Information Technology, Wesfarmers

Where they got to

Game-changing solutions and an excited team

Through these sessions, Wesfarmers started on their Agile journey, built their internal capability, and developed a solution from their Design Sprint. They were able to take the introductory skills learned in their Redvespa-facilitated sessions and introduce them into their day-to-day business practice. Working collaboratively allowed the best of Redvespa to unlock the very best of Wesfarmers.

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