From local, to global.

How VR Kiwi is confidently commercialising, with mentorship.

Where they were

An innovation that’s ready to take on the world

Rachel Hatch is an innovator and creator of a clever platform that combines virtual reality with treadmills, and owner of company VR Kiwi. Ready with her pre-commercial product to partner up with multinationals, Rachel approached Redvespa for advice on her information memorandum, pitch deck, and protocol for dealing with international cultural differences.

What it took

Real-world advice from those who’ve been there

Redvespa helped Rachel by advising her not only on problems, but on positive progress, offering fresh perspectives and solutions. Beyond practical advice, Redvespa gave global insights into the commercialisation of business, and how to navigate negative situations to move forward.

"When you’re in your own world, forging ahead, it’s a lonely journey. People don’t understand you, whereas Redvespa did, they understand it."

Rachel Hatch, CEO

Where they got to

Confidence to commercialise correctly

Rachel was able to front VR Kiwi confidently when presenting to and dealing with potential partners. She felt reassured that she was not alone on this entrepreneurial journey, and is backed by real-world knowledge any time, through Redvespa’s open doors – an invaluable relationship that she hopes to continue.

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