From taking action, to taking initiative.

How Paymark stepped back, to target their transformation efforts.

Where they were

Eager to transform, they were ready for action

Paymark knew they needed to transform to defend their core and win the future. They engaged Redvespa to undertake new CRM requirements, and during the workshop discovered there were wider challenges throughout the organisation. Redvespa proposed taking a step back before taking action, with a full model of their business capabilities, and a road map for transformation.

What it took

Stepping back, before diving in

Redvespa consultants were based on site at Paymark. Through interviews, observations and the application of different lenses, they completed a business capability model and initiative roadmap, showing Paymark what they were doing well, what they needed to focus on, and in what order.

"We took them on the journey with us, so they didn’t get a big reveal. Organically we helped them, hand in hand."

Redvespa, Consultant

Where they got to

A reference for transformation decision making

Appreciation of Redvespa’s work has grown over time. The business capability model and roadmap has been a valuable tool for Paymark’s decision making, guiding them with what to do at each initiative, and inspiring them to target untapped opportunities.

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