From status quo, to gung ho.

How Morgan Furniture empowered its leadership team to lead the way.

Where they were

A good company that wanted to be great

Small to medium business Morgan Furniture was operating excellently, but CEO John Morgan could see they needed clarity around direction and strategy. More than that, if he wanted a sustainable long-term company, he needed ownership from the executive leaders, to not only back the company direction but create it.

What it took

Workshops with tried-and-true debate

Redvespa Chief Knowledge Officer Moana O’Neil, supported by a team of consultants, facilitated three workshops based on Jim Collin’s Good To Great book, a process lived by Redvespa. Through visionary exercises, the team developed their bold vision or BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and their six strategic pillars – common themes that they could define using a common language amongst themselves.

"We were a little bit lost… Moana and the team had the ability to bring it all together and make sense of it. And enable my team to make sense of it as well."

John Morgan, Ceo

Where they got to

The team’s own north star

The Morgan Furniture leadership team developed a new direction to follow, but more importantly to lead with. Each executive leader feels empowered to make decisions that they believe in, and that is aligned with the strategic thinking of the company as a whole.

Want to know the specifics?

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