From two separate funds, to one joint service.

How two government agencies successfully formed a joint funding service.

Where they were

They were joining funds, but had different drivers

Tasked with creating a joint funding service for communities, two government agencies had to navigate their different cultures, organisation drivers and decision-making criteria, to create an easily usable system for applicants and decision makers. With significant change in policy, they had to configure a complex solution, as simply as possible.

What it took

One, very experienced, BA to navigate the complexities

Redvespa consultant Bruce Anderson became a key cross-communication bridge between the two government agencies. He navigated the continuous policy changes, and took everyone on the journey of their decision making and resulting impacts. Bruce turned the complexities and drivers of the joint fund, into a set of requirements and business processes that everyone could use.

"A joint venture between two government departments, is absolutely fabulous and absolutely hard. That was a big part of Redvespa’s work- navigating the interfaces."

BA Team Lead, Government Agency

Where they got to

A clear system, with the end-user in mind

This was a great success story for both agencies. The collaborative venture, although difficult, proved robust in outcome. From the community applications to the agencies’ decision making, the system effectively works on the many levels of policies and criteria. Most importantly, it has united two agencies with one bigger, greater good goal.

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