From a paper process, to an online platform.

How Education Council collaborated with the sector to select the technology for a future-proof, online platform.

Where they were

Their paper-based processes weren’t sustainable, and required a new approach

In 2015 the Council expanded its focus with the mandate to: lift the status of the teaching profession and invest in educational leadership. In parallel, address risks of end-of-life ICT infrastructure and excessive manual processes. They needed help selecting and implementing an IT platform that supports their needs of today, tomorrow and of other agencies, who may also leverage the platform.

What it took

Taking everyone on the journey, from RFP to MVP

In order to prepare for tender and then work with the supplier post selection, Redvespa consultant Jo Gribble facilitated workshops, including different agency representatives to understand the current state, and what future success might look like. The desired features of the new system were turned into accessible requirements and ‘user stories’ that the development team could use.

"Redvespa built trust and rapport; people would just go up to them when they had a thought. Those strong relationships helped us deliver."

Project Manager, Education Council

Where they got to

Enduring trust and an excited team

Redvespa created a cohesive and collaborative dynamic between Education Council and its partnering agencies. By taking everyone on the journey of change, there was continuous buy-in, constant communication, and an assurance that the business and sector needs were met, and software capabilities successfully delivered.

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