From make-do, to can-do.

Turning Civil Construction’s everyday processes into a practical operations manual.

Where they were

Nothing was wrong, but it could be better.

50+ staff business Civil Construction, in Queenstown, was working well. Nothing was wrong, but they knew it could be better. They asked Redvespa to review and document their entire process, from an org chart and IT refresh, to a complete rules book (operations manual), so that any change in staff would understand what to do.

What it took

An iterative approach that is ongoing.

Redvespa consultant Mark Weston spent 8-10 weeks developing documentation, from their organisation structure, to a proposal to refresh their IT and service provider that would potentially halve their spend. His main deliverable however was the iterative creation of a 100-page operations manual, which he then educated and empowered staff to own as their Rulebook that will continuously be reviewed, rewritten and reproduced.

"They thought it would be a snapshot and that’s it. But it’s more… because the business changes."

Redvespa, Consultant

Where they got to

Clarity and confidence to grow

Civil Construction now have a clear understanding of their organisational structure, documentation systems and IT recommendations. Most of all, they have a Rulebook with standardised processes that staff can put into practice, and continuously update. With every iteration is better efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency between projects, people, and practices.

Want to know the specifics?

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