Take a shower, and understand change.

Take a shower, and understand change

Blog post by Claire O'Rourke

A one week shower challenge that will flex your change muscles, and experiment with your emotions.

Take a shower. Take it today or tomorrow but take it soon.

Why? Because business analysts are influencers of change, but being human we sometimes can’t grasp the impact of that change on others.

So how does taking a shower help you understand change impact? Here’s the trick…change your routine and you will give your perceptions a scrub up. An example: if you normally apply some cleaning activity to the scalp as a first step, start instead by cleaning out the toe fluff. Try your new routine for one day and then try to maintain that change for a week.

  • How did you feel on Day 1? Frustrated? Angry? Disorientated? (please don’t slip)

  • Did it slow down your shower?

  • Did you question the logic of the new order?

  • Could you maintain your new routine for a week? (or did you discard it or forget the next day?)

Each time business analysts introduce change there is a good chance those impacted will feel a bit like you did in changing your shower routine. In your case you chose to do it to yourself – many of those impacted by changes, we are involved with, do not have a choice.

I know that change is not often (hopefully) a bad thing, but it still has an impact. I just want you to keep this in mind, and keep you showering :-).

This change impact reminder “technique” was passed on to me by Rob Thomsett. It may not be new to you, but it works, so pass it forward to your team. Even consider passing it on to those the change is impacting – I’ve seen it help them understand their own reactions to change (just make it very clear WHY you’re asking them to shower of course!).

And, without too many personal details, I’d be curious to hear your reaction to having undertaken this change.