Redvespa’s COVID-19 Policy.

Redvespa’s COVID-19 Policy

Blog post by Redvespa

How we're approaching our people's health and safety under the traffic light system.

New Zealand’s COVID-19 response continues to evolve. We’ve moved from a Government-led response focused on isolating the virus, to balancing this with public health measures like social distancing, “scanning in”, and mask-wearing. The next stage is built on the vaccine rollout in New Zealand, while maintaining some of the key public health initiatives we’ve become accustomed to.

The implications of the vaccine rollout have been the topic of a great deal of discussion and debate. Some industries and businesses have mandated their staff are vaccinated to carry out their jobs in accordance with risk assessment guidance provided by government agencies. Others have implemented vaccine requirements on access to their sites. At Redvespa, we’re already responding to clients who have made these assessments and decisions. 

Throughout the last 18 months, we’ve adapted our Response Plan in accordance with the Alert Levels implemented by the Government and the needs of our business. The alignment between our levels and those of the Government was clear, and grounded in an approach which isolated COVID-19. 

As the national approach has shifted, we need to revisit our response accordingly.

We are not public health experts and, as we have done throughout the pandemic, we continue to be informed by the response of the Government, through the guidance of the experts who inform them and the agencies who are leading the national response. The next steps in Redvespa’s response are centred on this guidance while being informed by our clients and, supported by our November 2021 survey, our people. 

Our people remain at our core, and our response remains focused on a better than best practice approach to their health and safety, regardless of vaccination status. 

Redvespa’s response and the requirements and expectations of our people, contractors, and visitors is outlined in Redvespa’s COVID-19 Response Policy.