Blog post by Christian Fenton and Martin Simmons

ClearThinking is bite-sized Business Analysis Consultancy for leaders.

All around us, Business As Usual continues under the ‘next normal’ and the demand for business leaders to make complex decisions at a faster pace, with transparency, is ever-growing.

Redvespa’s ClearThinking for Executive Leaders goes beyond project delivery, focusing on the leader and the organisation. With ClearThinking, executive leaders partner with their own Redvespa Consultant to clarify their challenges, identify desired outcomes, and deliver solutions through short, fixed-term, focused engagements.

Our six-level model helps you understand the actions you can take to achieve your, and your organisation’s, goals.


The six levels of ClearThinking.

To start this journey, we’ve created the six levels of ClearThinking to support you in understanding your situation, your needs, and how they can be achieved.  

A six-level view of an organisation from its position and challenges, through to delivering action.

We work at your pace: first, we get to know your organisation and your own situational leadership style.  

We are able to use our experience from working with like-minded organisations and leaders to dig deeper into the challenges you’re facing and the outcomes that will work for you.  

Next, we work with you to select the key action areas that will get you to your desired outcomes. Finally, we offer a set of short, tailored work packages to deliver on those actions and achieve your outcomes.


Understanding your organisation’s position.

Understanding your organisation’s situation enables you to think about where to go next with confidence, even at times of ambiguity or uncertainty.  To support you in understanding this, the ClearThinking Business Life Cycle enables you to think about the journey you’ve been on to date and what your next steps are. Are you adapting into new markets, generating new ideas and growing? Maybe you’re just starting to get some firm roots and a good understanding but need to figure out how to scale up and mature? 

What stage of the lifecycle is your organisation in?


Understanding your situational leadership style.

We’ve held “fireside chats” with Executive Leaders across New Zealand, finding out about the challenges they’re facing, how they’re overcoming them, and the support that would help them in the future. Following a wide range of conversations, four leadership styles continued to reappear. The underlying message behind these from all our leaders was a need to change between leadership styles in different situations. 

Our Situational Leadership model highlights how four leadership styles can overcome the challenges they face. Try it for yourself to see how you can work with those around you to elevate your leadership style.

Can you see yourself in the Situational Leadership model? Have you moved between Styles in different situations? Does your experience put you into a completely new category?


Overcoming challenges.

Our conversations led us to understand a range of challenges and outcomes which leaders desire. One leader who can’t find the time and space to think may benefit from market insights or the freedom to reflect, whilst another with the same challenge may benefit from getting “the Waka moving efficiently,” building a culture of shared responsibility.  In this mix and match exercise we ask you what challenges are you facing and which outcomes would be the best for realising successful business outcomes?


Identifying the ClearThinking actions that will support you.

As part of ClearThinking, we partner with you to understand a set of deliverables and outcomes and the appropriate set of actions required to achieve them.  

We’ve worked with a range of Executive Leaders across New Zealand, some like our own CE, Sarah Gibson. In Sarah’s story, we heard how, as an Empathetic Catalyst, she needed time and space to think. We actively listened and reflected to provide insights, freeing up Sarah’s time to deliver quick wins and plan Redvespa’s long term version post-COVID-19.   

See our action points and consider which would be most valuable to reaching your’s and your organisation’s outcomes?


Click on a step below to find out more:

Start Here: Challenge or Opportunity

Having an impartial third party, with no agenda, listen and ask insightful questions that challenge and provoke thought.


Taking the time to speak to someone who can reflect on your decisions, thought processes and ideas in a way that provides opportunity to self-evaluate.


Using design thinking principles to generate new, innovative ideas with clear metrics that will result in validated learning.


Using data and information to provide options with recommendations. Turning data into useful content that enables decision making.


Looking at competitors, customers, suppliers, government and a host of external sources to provide clarity, validation and insights.


Proactive decision making through clarity, insights, recommendations and continuous prioritisation.


Producing content that supports decision making whilst adding value to your organisation.


Transparency, visibility with clear steps and ownership. Working in sprints with a delivery focused, accountable mindset.


Partnering with you throughout your journey. Meeting and exceeding expectations in achieving your desired outcomes.


Plan and implement change through journeys and stories. Building connections, communicating and embedding change.

Finish Here: Clarity and Outcome.


Delivering actions to achieve your outcomes.

ClearThinking starts with hours and days not weeks and months.

If you’re considering the cost, the commitment, and the value, then we can help you there too. Investing in ClearThinking is based on different sized blocks of time, tailored to fit. Any mixture of S, M, L, and XL-sized building blocks can be bundled together for a bespoke engagement offering. You can choose how and when to use package(s), perhaps a short sharp sprint or a number of days per week spread over a longer period. Seasonal, financial, or transactional peak times may identify support partnering opportunities at different times throughout the year. 

Our standard packages vary in price starting at $4,995 and go up to $25,995. All of our package contents are tailored to you, with a set of deliverables that you can take away, keep, and develop for the future.


Reflecting on ClearThinking.

ClearThinking is about the person beyond the project. We look at your organisation, your situation, your challenges, and partner with you to support you in achieving your outcomes. We’ve spoken to and worked with Executive Leaders across New Zealand, providing insights and deliverables to help them deliver business outcomes. Consider your own organisation’s situation, your own situation, and the challenges and outcomes you’re looking for.  

Could ClearThinking free you up to be the leader your organisation needs, unblocking and unlocking potential and making change happen for you, your people, and your communities? 

We enjoy sharing insights with you, so, if you’d like to join us on the ClearThinking journey, get in touch with, follow us on LinkedIn or join our mailing list to read more.

Header photo by James Scott on Unsplash