Helping Activate Tāmaki Makaurau.

Helping Activate Tāmaki Makaurau

Blog post by Redvespa

When Activate Tāmaki Makaurau was announced, we knew we wanted to get involved in our regional community.

Helping our Tāmaki Makaurau whānau

When the government announced a support package for Auckland businesses in late 2021, we knew we wanted to get involved.

Redvespa’s largest team is in Tāmaki Makaurau, and we’re heavily involved in helping Auckland businesses deliver and succeed. We’re a growing, medium-sized business ourselves; we love working with our fellow small and medium sized businesses as much as our big brand clients.

Working with Redvespa

Please read on, grab a copy of our 2-page guide, or get in touch  and we’ll explain how we can help and how the grant scheme works. Or, you may like to contact one of Activate Tāmaki Makaurau’s Business Advisors to discuss your needs, our services and the available grants ($3k-$4k).

At Redvespa, you can speak with Leigh Featherstone – 021 538 556,

Activate Tamaki Makaurau’s website is at

We help businesses like yours, because we are one

Redvespa is a family-owned, specialist consultancy business. We have grown and evolved over 18 years to 100+ people across New Zealand. We also work across most industry sectors, and are trusted by many sizes of business.

We take business from where it is to where it could be. Our foundations for doing this are the Business Analysis and Consultancy skills of our people. We help businesses get clarity, understand their situation and explore options. In turn this helps you make better, more confident decisions on improving your business.

What makes us unique?

We’re a B Corp, committed to being in Business for Good and unleashing potential in people and communities, with a particular focus on the youth of New Zealand through Your Kingdom – a wellbeing ecosystem focused on providing resources to help young people get the most out of their mind, body, and life.

We have a history of using our specialist Business Analysis expertise to unleash that same potential in New Zealand businesses. Don’t just take our word for it – read what our customers have to say about what it’s like to work with us.

Planning and delivering the new future

We’ve created tailored packages specifically for SME businesses who are taking advantage of the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau programme. We started from our deep Business Analysis and Consulting experience, and drilled down to the stuff we know really makes the big difference.

Adding our capabilities and imagination to your experience and skills creates clear plans that delivers meaningful outcomes.

We help you with:

  • Strategy – picking the right direction and destination to lead your business towards;
  • Design – assessing and picking the right route to get you there;
  • Delivery – get going, keep going, and bring everyone on the journey.


We help with…

Business Planning, Strategy, and Continuity

Get the right business insights

You need the right information about your business to enable you to make the right decisions. This offering  gives you guidance and skills to get to the appropriate insights using your own data and identifies ways to get insights if they are not available today. We help through:

  • Business Insights and Analytics.

Make every decision matter

No business can be all things to all people in all situations. Get clear on what you need by focusing your thinking, information and debate on what will keep you in business for good.

These products and services are often used in a continuum and aim to guide the business from where it is today to where it wants to be in future. Where in the continuum you step in or out will depend on where you are today. We help you with:

  • Defining your strategic vision;
  • Roadmapping future work;
  • Business Improvement (Business Refinement).

Consciously planning your operations

Don’t leave the effectiveness of your business operations to chance. Understand and consciously plan your business operations to delight your customers and achieve your goals.

Consciously planned businesses function effectively and make best use of the time, money and effort of running and operating the business. Businesses that are run optimally within their existing constraints are able to plan ahead and respond appropriately to planned and unplanned change.

We support you with:

  • Plan a new Service (Service Design);
  • Problem Solving (Design Thinking);
  • Business BluePrint and Architecture;
  • System review;
  • Process Improvement.

Digital Enablement

Be led by your customers

Customers are always exposed to new experiences. they have choice so make sure they choose you. Don’t assume tomorrow will be like today – find out what your customers want now and why.

We enable you through:

  • Customer Experience Consulting;
  • Automation and Digital Transformation;
  • Business Blueprint and Architecture.


Accessing Activate Tāmaki Makaurau funding

Provide your details below and we’ll email you with a guide to make accessing Activate Tāmaki Makaurau funding as easy as possible.


Photo by Sulthan Auliya on Unsplash