From working in silo

working in silo.

working together.

How the SKYCITY marketing team improved their communication, with each other.

Where they were

A complex process that could have been simple

SKYCITY Auckland’s marketing team had a Direct Mailer which was sent out to loyalty customers monthly. Coordinated between their various departments (the casino, restaurant, events), with multiple versions printed based on loyalty tiers, what should have been a second-nature routine, was in fact a siloed and stressful process.

What it took

Using empathy and Design Thinking to identify the underlying problem

After a 10-day discovery phase, a Redvespa consultant registered that the problem was not the process, but rather a breakdown in trust between departments and people. The consultant facilitated interviews and difficult conversations to understand where each person was coming from, what their fear was, and how SKYCITY could alleviate it in different ways.

"It was fun and fast paced, but people were up against it all the time."

Redvespa Consultant

Where they got to

A large visible Kanban board, had everyone on board

Redvespa didn’t change SKYCITY’s process, but rather the way they interacted with each other. After defining key pressure points, the consultant introduced Kanban boards, Quality Assurance and peer reviews to create open communication that was visible to everyone involved. SKYCITY went from working in silo to working more collectively; a process that is always in the making.

"We used empathy to look at process. How do we make a person feel comfortable about a process point, and get the next person to trust that what should have been done, has been done?"

Redvespa Consultant

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