From winging it

winging it.

winning it.

How an accounting and advisory firm strengthened their processes to realise their vision.

Where they were

Rushed and reactive

Oxford Edge knew where they wanted to go, but were struggling to get there. Wanting to give their clients more of an advisory offering, they found compliance work was taking all their time. Changes they tried such as merging departments and outsourcing work simply added complexities rather than simplifying.

What it took

Breaking it down and building it up

Redvespa consultants, Vaughan Luckman and Chris Johnston spent four weeks workshopping with the firm to break down their strategy and workflow; what it meant and why they did everything. By questioning every step, they were able to build up solutions, standardise end-to-end processes, and plan training necessary for new capabilities.

"Redvespa are real, they listen, they understand. They definitely challenge the status quo, but it’s all about helping us move our business in a different direction."

Mike Willetts, CEO, Oxford Edge

Where they got to

Adding value and feeling valued

By making their compliance processes as efficient as possible, the firm is now building in time for advisory work. By having Redvespa’s outside perspective with every step challenged, processes are becoming fit-for-purpose, and employees feel empowered to see opportunities and re-engineer how they work day-to-day.

"Without a doubt, we’ve noticed a difference. We have a lot more choices in how we deliver our work, and are in a better place to handle the changes in our industry."

Mike Willetts, CEO, Oxford Edge

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