From budget trouble

budget trouble.

under budget.

How the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (IFSO) replaced outdated technology with a modern data-insight tool.

Where they were

In a tough spot, they needed a trusted advisor

The Deputy IFSO had a limited budget to replace the scheme’s inflexible and outdated membership and case management systems. But following contract award the vendor realised a major component couldn’t be delivered within budget. The Scheme’s governing Commission paused the project to seek advice on how to proceed.

What it took

An expert advisor, a problem solver, and a communicator

Redvespa consultant Duncan Watts had the right knowledge to recommend a change of direction. A new vendor was engaged, and an agile process implemented to reduce the risk of a budget over-run. With Duncan providing expert advice, the Deputy IFSO was able to take control of the project and have confidence in her decision making.

"I couldn’t rely on commonsense to get the right outcome. I needed a trusted advisor to speak that language effectively"

Louise Peters, Deputy IFSO

Where they got to

A state-of-the-art system, delivered under budget

The IFSO Scheme now has a cutting edge system tailored to their business, which is flexible enough to build upon. Its advanced capabilities allow them to gain new insights into their data enabling them to plan and monitor their performance.

"I have absolute trust in Duncan, the more he talked to the techy people, the better the build got."

Louise Peters, Deputy IFSO

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