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Practice Maturity Assessments

The team fitness test

Our world class Business Analysis Practice Maturity Assessments provide validated, accurate information about the current state of your business analysis practices, as well as recommendations for improvement.

Specifically, our Practice Maturity Assessments will:

  • measure the ability of your organisation to consistently deliver new business solutions that meet business needs and deliver the expected benefits
  • provide a foundation and guidance for advancement of BA practices through prioritised, sequential improvements
  • provide an indicator of how effective your organisation is in meeting business objectives and executing strategy through the successful implementation of new business solutions
  • benchmarks your practice to enable ongoing metrics and growth to be captured.

core assessment

We understand that no two Business Analysis practices are the same and that not every organisation has the need or capacity to create a BA Centre of Excellence. But if your goal is to develop a good BA practice, validate that your practice is heading in the right direction or better gauge current capabilities and areas for improvement, then this assessment is ideal.

Our Business Analysis Practice Maturity Core Assessment is a shorter version of the full assessment. It provides validated, accurate information about your current state of business analysis practices, as captured in questionnaires and from interviews with our assessors on site.

Our Core Assessment focuses on relationships between the business analysis practice, project management community and business owners/stakeholders.

The assessment will provide a foundation and guidance for advancing your business analysis practices through prioritised, sequential improvements.

It includes a recommendations report, action plan and roadmap for delivering key initiatives designed to increase your maturity rating, while improving your overall business analysis framework without on-going support from Redvespa.

full assessment

Our partnership with the US-based KHass & Associates, supported by Lorius LLC, provides our clients access to the most comprehensive and far-reaching assessment services available to the BA community.  Our assessments are superior to virtually all appraisal practices in the BA space due to our in-depth scientific approach. The Practice Maturity Assessment is multi-dimensional and can be conducted in a formal or informal manner, depending on your needs.

The process includes planning meetings, a kick-off session, information gathering and assessment, a review of project artefacts and deliverables as well as interviews with Business Analysts and other nominated stakeholders (both internal and external). The questions are tailored to your organisation’s needs and the interviews and online surveys are completely confidential.

The information is synthesised, organised and validated and documented in a summary report which will set out recommendations for a two-year roadmap and a workable 12-month action plan. These will enable your BA leaders to deliver key initiatives designed to increase your practice maturity and improve your BA performance.

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