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Capability Assessment

The fitness test

You’ve got Business Analysts reporting to you but you’re not sure how their skills rate in the wider field. We can help. It’s our business to know what makes a good BA and what skills and attributes it takes to be awesome.

Our Individual and Workforce Capability Assessments will give you a high-quality, accurate picture of the current state of your organisation’s BA knowledge, skills and capabilities, as well as make recommendations for professional development.

This will give you the data you need to help your team members prepare their individual professional development plans and your organisation to draft an overall business analysis development plan. You’ll be able to see, and plan for, individual training requirements, professional development activities and specific mentoring and coaching needs. It is also a great gauge as to how much change you can take on when maturing your BA capability.

The information we’ll gather about your BA team, e.g. years of experience, time spent on BA versus project management or technical tasks, level of training and education and complexity of work assignments, will provide a benchmark for your BA workforce capability and capacity (or fitness, in other words).

The benefits:

  • Alignment with international standards – the assessment is aligned to the IIBA Competency Model
  • Benchmarking – enables your Business Analysts to see how they compare with their peers – within your organisation and globally – who are working on similar projects
  • Customised, professional development plan to guide the Business Analyst’s performance improvement and career development
  • Visibility – organisational and group reports summarising the BA workforce including:
    • the nature and complexity of the work assignments for the group
    • the group BA knowledge and skill level for each focus area compared to the BA competency model.

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