We're excited to see @ProcessInColour and @Luvleyday and @GlenMcCloy on Day One in Wellington at #REDWE. Book Here -

We're excited to see @ProcessInColour and @Luvleyday and @GlenMcCloy on Day One in Auckland at #REDWE. Book Here -

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Redvespa Consultants interview with Mary Gorman & Ellen Gottesdiener

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David Morris, Redvespa Consultants Limited, interviews Mary Gorman & Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting, about their recent publication, ‘Discover To Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis’. David’s interview seeks to understand the background behind the book, and explores feedback on the book since its September 2012 launch, particularly regarding the Seven Product Dimensions. The importance of the visual techniques used in the book, and the concept of structured conversations, is also discussed.

Length: 38 minutes

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